Curriculum for Excellence

A practical guide on using the township of Auchtavan
as a Learning resource.  Aimed at  supporting teachers from all disciplines in delivering the Curriculum for Excellence and at those who work with and help people to broaden their horizons..

Scottish Schools are currently going through arguably the most challenging and exciting of curricular developments of recent years as they move to implement the aspirations of the Curriculum for Excellence. As a result of the National Debate on Scottish Education, schools have been challenged to ensure that pupils aged from 3 to 18 undergo a range of experiences which develops in them four main capacities namely those of Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors. Although the curriculum will still be delivered through the medium of traditional subjects teachers will explore and develop opportunities for inter-departmental collaboration and cross curricular working which will help pupils to recognise the connections that can be made between subjects and be able to transfer skills learned in one area of the curriculum and apply them in other areas.

By providing an extensive range of natural, physical, historical and cultural resources Auchtavan offers teachers a rich resource to inspire and support the development of a wide range of both classroom-based and field-based research activities which will support the development of the four capacities eg

  • As Successful Learners pupils will develop the skills to research and analyse historical and current data, present and interpret the information in a variety of ways and substantiate and justify any conclusions inferred

  • As Confident Individuals pupils will be able to present their findings in a variety of ways and argue in support of their conclusions
    As Responsible Citizens pupils will develop an enhanced knowledge and appreciation of the countryside and the fragile nature of some communities and understand more thoroughly the need to protect the environment.

  • As Effective Contributors pupils will be able to draw on their knowledge and experience to enter into debate and present points of view in a reasonable way based on sound information.

Auchtavan is situated in the Cairngorms National Park.  Find about more about visiting or getting involved with National Parks and National Nature Reserves.